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Australian citizens living and working overseas can get mortgages to buy property in Australia. Here's how it works.


Many Australian Residents are Living and working overseas for a year or more, and even if your career or personal life has taken you overseas for a time, many still call Australia home.

But what happens if you’re an Australian resident living and working abroad, and you want to take out a home loan to buy property in Australia?  Do lenders offer home loans to Aussie expats and will you be able to get a competitive rate?

The good news is that a wide variety of banks and non-bank lenders offer Australian expat home loans. However, there are certain terms and conditions attached to these mortgages that you should be aware of before you apply for a loan.


Australian Finance Advocates provides access to home loan finance for Australian expats and offshore investors. For Australians expatriates and offshore investors who wish to purchase an investment property while overseas access is also available to complete professional advice on the selection, management and financing of property.

Some special issues do apply in relation to these sorts of loans and, while a number of lenders have now adopted a more flexible approach, it is recommended that you utilize a mortgage broker who is experienced in dealing with expatriate/offshore loans.  Processes differ between various lenders, a number of major lenders will not deal with expatriates and you can waste a considerable amount of time pursuing a loan with a provider who is not a good match for your circumstances.  In most situations, there is no cost attaches to make use of our mortgage broker services.



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