As director and finance adviser with Australian Finance Advocates, I have the
Opportunity to work with a number of experienced and talented Brokers.
I have also had the experience of training a number of new brokers to the
Industry and help develop best practices within the team at AFA and with brokers who have gone on to establish their own finance businesses.
As part of a team we have been able to establish best practice processes and provide extensive support and mentoring to the young brokers we have had, and still have working with me at AFA.

I have also been able to assist young brokers successfully develop their skills to a point that they have been able to establish their own independent businesses as successful mortgage brokers.

Working together I can help you become a successful broker by introducing you to best practice processes and allowing you access to not only our state of the art processing and work flow systems, but to a team of highly dedicated and experienced brokers that are willing to assist in making your transition to an experienced broker seamless and productive.


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